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Buy & sell locally.


How does Marmo work?

Marmo collects information on buyers seeking wholesale, and wholesale sellers seeking business, to match them up based on the criteria provided. Buyer and seller profiles are featured in our virtual catalog to find partnerships faster.

Buyer and seller match-making

Buyers - tired of sourcing through the same big box retailers as your competitors? Marmo finds local wholesale products and vendors that match to your business’s needs while setting you apart.

Sellers - looking for customers who match your minimum and delivery restrictions? Marmo helps match your goods with local businesses based on delivery minimums and product requirements.


How much does Marmo cost?


Marmo is free for a limited time … in exchange for your valuable feedback.

More questions?


Common Questions

How much does Marmo cost?

Marmo is free of charge for a limited number of customers.

Is Marmo only in a particular region?

No. Marmo will do our best to support the region you are in.

When new requests from a new area come in, we investigate potential nearby vendors.

Can home makers, including home kitchens, sell goods through Marmo?

Yes! If you are licensed to sell to businesses in your state (we can help you understand licenses - just reach out!) then you are able to sell on Marmo. This includes Cottage Food License homes, and home crafters with license to operate and sell wholesale.

What products are featured in Marmo?

When you sign up we will send a sample list of product. If you don’t see it on our list, ask about it!

  • Food

    • Fresh produce (fruits, vegetables, cheeses)

    • Preserved foods (pasta, jerky, sauce, candy)

    • Pastries (cakes, pastry, breads)

  • Wares

    • Clothing (scarves, shirts, dresses, shoes)

    • Household (ceramics, kitchenware, soaps)

    • Self-care (lotions, makeup)

Is Marmo wholesale only?

For now! We have our eye on direct to consumers in the future.

I’m still unsure — can I please talk to a person?

Absolutely! Reach out to us at or schedule time with us here.